Today, too many apply for a loan online without careful competition.

When applying for a loan in the first place that comes along, the cost of the loan may come as a big surprise later on.

Therefore, all loans should always be tendered before the loan agreement is signed.

Through our service, you can reach approximately 25 banks and other lenders with a single application.

So you can get multiple loan offers in one application, which compares easily to find the best loan for you. We compete for the loans for you, absolutely free.

Borrow easily and quickly

Borrow easily and quickly


Through us you can apply for a loan of USD 1000 – 60,000 without any collateral or guarantors.

The loan products we offer are Continuous Flexible Credit, One-Time Consumer Credit, and Bank Loan, which you can apply at your sole discretion.

If you are unable to find a loan that suits your needs, we recommend that you try to find one on the website.

Through our service you can apply for a loan every day of the week and at any time of day.

So you can fill out a loan application on our site exactly when it suits you best.

After submitting your loan application, it will be competed with over 25 banks and other financial companies.

You will receive an initial loan decision immediately after you submit your application.

How do I apply for a loan from lending company?

How do I apply for a loan from Lending company?


You can start applying for a loan by applying for a loan on our website.

Filling out a loan application is free of charge and does not bind the applicant to anything.

Once you have completed and submitted your loan application, you will receive a loan decision immediately.

The first loan offers usually arrive within minutes, so you can quickly compare loan offers from different banks.

Who can apply for a loan from Lending company?

Who can apply for a loan from Lending company?


Lending company offers online loans to all citizens over the age of 20.

The borrower must have a clean credit history and regular salary or pension income.

What type of loan can I apply for?

What type of loan can I apply for?


The loan product that can apply for is a Continuous Flexible Credit and a one-time consumer credit + bank loan.

So you can apply for a loan of between USD 1,000 and USD 60,000 completely to suit your needs.

Continuous Flexibility Loan is a highly flexible and modern loan product that ensures you can get a loan online whenever you need it.

A one-time consumer credit and a bank loan are the right choice for a larger loan need.

Where do the loan costs accrue?

Where do the loan costs accrue?


In a flexible loan, the loan costs and interest accrue only on the amount you have made available.

So you can apply for a USD 4,000 credit line and withdraw just USD 100.

In this example, you would only pay the costs and interest for that USD 100, and you would still have USD 3900 left in the event of a bad day.

There are no charges for a credit agreement if you do not withdraw the credit for your account.

Consumer credit and bank loan, on the other hand, are one-time loans, so they are credited to your account in one lump sum.

The costs and interest on a consumer credit and a bank loan accrue on the full amount of the loan from the moment you deposit it in your account.


How is the loan repaid?

How is the loan repaid?


You can apply for a loan through our service within 1 to 15 years.

After completing your loan application, you will receive several loan quotes for comparison.

Each loan offer provides a very detailed loan repayment plan.

The drawn down loan can also be repaid at any time at no additional cost.

What if the loan is not repaid?

What if the loan is not repaid?


If the customer is not in default of his debt recovery can be initiated by either a creditor or a third party.

This may adversely affect the customer’s credit history.

If the payment period expires and the customer does not extend the payment period, interest for late payment shall be charged on the amount due from the day following the due date, as well as any other recovery costs incurred.

Do I need collateral or guarantors?

Do I need collateral or guarantors?


You do not need.

Loans applied for through Lending company are provided without any collateral or guarantees. This means that the borrower is responsible for the loan he has drawn down and for paying it back.

Before applying for a loan, it is always a good idea to calculate your income and expenses first, and to set a budget to help you understand your financial solvency.

This is how you budget for your own economy

This is how you budget for your own economy


Creating a budget for your own finances gives you a clear and simple picture of your own ability to pay.

The more you are aware of your current ability to pay, the more secure you will be in making decisions about borrowing.

Here’s how to create a simple budget in three steps:

  1. Add your total monthly income (salary, benefits, allowances, child allowances, other income, etc…)
  2. Add up all your expenses per month (rent, loan repayments, electricity, water, food, insurance, etc…)
  3. Subtract your expenses from your income to see how much money you will have after spending.

Once you have calculated how much money you will have left each month after all your expenses have been invoiced, you can start planning for a possible loan application.

Once you know how much you can pay off your loan per month, you can use the loan calculator to calculate how much you can afford.

A loan calculator is always a great aid when considering a loan that suits you.

Find the cheapest loan online

Find the cheapest loan online


The purpose of loan comparison and competitive bidding is to find the cheapest loan online.

Competition in the loan market is intense, so banks and other lenders are accustomed to using free loan tendering services for many borrowers. This is a very good thing for the borrower because when the banks know that the borrower will get more than 20 other loan offers in addition to their loan offer, it will make them make the most accurate and cheap loan offer possible. As a result, the use of loan tendering services is increasing year by year.

Once you have completed the loan quotes to see, you can start comparing loan quotes and finding the cheapest loan.

When you want to know what the cheapest and best loan offer is, pay attention to the current annual interest rate of the loan stated in the loan offers. The current annual interest rate of a loan is calculated by taking into account all the costs of the loan, the higher the current annual interest rate of the loan, the higher the cost of the loan.

When making a loan comparison, you should also consider the loan repayment period and how it contributes to the cost of the loan.

Apply for a loan for many different needs

Apply for a loan for many different needs


You can apply for a loan online for many different needs, from a car loan to a combination of loans.

There are certainly as many uses as there are loan applicants.

However, certain uses have been most popular year after year, and they are: Consolidation loan, car loan, instant mortgage and consumer credit.

Here is a brief description of the above loan products:

Consolidation loan

A compound loan is a larger unsecured loan that pays several small loans or other installments. Loan consolidation is more and more popular year by year because it offers a clear saving on loan costs. Combining loans also clarifies your own financial management, as paying one loan is much clearer than paying multiple loans at once.

Car loan

A car loan is, as its name suggests, a loan for buying a car. A car loan is usually in the range of 2000 – 30,000 dollars and usually has a repayment period of 1-6 years. When applying for a car loan, it is a good idea to realistically evaluate the lifetime of the car you are buying and therefore not to apply for a car loan with too long a payment period. For example, if you talk about a car worth USD 5,000, you may have a lifetime of 4 years. This means that if you borrow a car for 5 years, you will pay that car for another year, even after it is no longer usable. This, in turn, would result in the car loan for a new car being paid off at the same time as the old one.

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is the most common and by far the most popular loan product . Consumer loans are used to pay for renovations, holidays and family reunions. Indeed, consumer credit is a consumer loan that will surely have hundreds of uses. You can apply for consumer credit online without collateral and guarantors up to USD 60,000.